Shaft seals in rotating equipment like refrigeration compressors are often under estimated. A break-down is often classified as a mechanical eventEspecially for compressors in refrigerationBut is it? if you realize the shaft seal are design for many years trouble free operation  based on the design data ones provided to the  seal manufacturerIn reality; How many compressor are operation under this ideal circumstances? Many  years I investigated many shaft seals after break-down of refrigeration compressors. Regardless the brand , we found interesting details and  circumstances . I share this information for  the younger generation engineers to find  more information to support  their customer . Still I do consulting and inspection of shaft seal , if requested.

Basic on the experience collected on many years of overhaul of all kind of compressor blocks, we  decided to share our knowledge you – to support you in your daily work. The coldores – the European shaft seal website will be high light all issue regarding shaft seal, solution to cure and explanations of the most common  damages .  In RM-Support we train and support engineers, which there technical questions and share our developed experience.

In IM-Supply we trade in parts, equipment  and materials. One trade line are the Coldores shaft seals, which are 100% produced in Europa. One of the benefits of the Coldores shaft seal is that wear parts are heat reducing . That is a big benefit against degassing of lubrication oil. Why? Lubrication oil by refrigeration compressor has always a certain amount of refrigerant – Mostly in liquid Phase.  There is also a phenomenon to recognize : the lower the temperature at discharge side – the higher the amount of  Liquid refrigerant in the oil . 

We offer not only replacement shaft seals or repair  , but offer also inspection to help to find te reason of failure.  In many cases the failure of a shaft seal shows a lot of information, which indicate the real area of attention.  Interested : ask a offer for inspection of your damaged shaft seal.